Pinstripe Bar Ubud

Evoking the grandeur and exhilarating vibes of the 1930s, the elegant colonial-style building housing Pinstripe Cocktail Bar immediately leaves a lasting impression. Overlooking lush paddy fields and jungle valley the tone is set for a unique, sophisticated dining and cocktail sojourn that is opulently decorated in marble, dark woods, and bronze elements that summons the convivial and grand atmosphere of a bygone era.

The renowned European tradition of enjoying an aperitif — pre-dinner drink and snack to stimulate the appetite — has been seamlessly integrated into the dining experience. Pinstripe’s gastronomic approach recognises fine global haute cuisine, with a hint of Indonesian influence, drawing on flavours of the old Spice Islands. The Bar is a celebration of the rich traditions of the 1930s when the world began to learn about the secret island of Bali and the exotic nature of Ubud and its sublime beauty.


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