Gaia Agency is a full-service marketing communications and public relations agency that works across sectors and global media markets. We have a team of Public Relations and Content professionals to handle all your PR and marketing needs.

Finding and managing the appropriate Instagram influencers, bringing the right media to your press conference or buying campaign advertising across different media channels. Traditional PR still has its place for sure. Press releases, news conferences, product announcements – they all still matter. But in the 21st century, a lot has changed, and the old way of doing public relations is just that, old. The fact is that an advanced form of PR has been born and its thriving and growing brands and companies like never before—digital PR. Based on digital methods of communicating and sharing, it’s crucial for any business, brand or individual to be firmly engaged in it.Strategy We combine our knowledge of research, marketing communications, and public relations to create a powerful three-pronged approach to a successful campaign. Media We work with you to develop the right strategy for your business. We'll tell you how your business can be featured in traditional and digital news outlets through our deep media relationships. Content We connect with your ideas, analysis, and opinions to turn them into clear and engaging content. Our PR company can amplify this content with a wide range of channels, from press releases to webinars.

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