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Digital Marketing Services

Gaia Digital Agency provides digital strategy, design and development services that deliver websites, ecommerce platforms and apps.
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Content marketing is one of the most important pieces of the marketing mix. And the production of the right digital content is a speciality of the Gaia Agency content team. We create it, distribute it through the right channels, get people to your website and deliver profitable customer actions and leads.

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Content Marketing


We have decades of combined experience in creating truly effective social advertising campaigns across the major platforms and Google search, display, video and shopping campaigns. And not to forget the new kid on the block; collaborative ads across the most popular shopping platforms. Because everything today is digital … or is it? The truth is that the many effective campaigns rely on the multiplier effect of exposure across many different mediums – such as digital, radio, digital audio, print or television – to deliver results greater than any single media could alone. We strive to conceive the right media mix to make your campaigns deliver the desired results. We can assist in the creation of hard-hitting, cinematic-quality commercials for YouTube, television or cinema, brand-boosting print ads and call-to-action oriented audio campaigns.

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Before we build anything, we sit down to talk, brainstorm and workshop what you want, what it will do, and how it can look. Outstanding design and the complexities behind it are the foundation of any good digital product, and a great website doesn’t come about without first visualising and organising the architecture of the information environments, From there we are able to structure the visual elements, functionality, interaction, and navigation.

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We design and develop beautiful solutions that not only give our clients a digital home, but also allow them to thrive. We create sleek, fast and beautiful bespoke solutions across a range of Content Management Systems, E-Commerce Platforms and custom designed PHP websites. Gaia Agency will also overhaul your tired old site and improve the core web vitals, enhance the User Experience and have you back in Google’s good books in no time.

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Web development


As part of our development services or as a stand-alone service, we analyse and optimise your SEO, moving more of your organic keywords into the top rankings and making it easier for people to find you through search. Our optimisation service will improve your SEO, have more potential customers seeing you in their search results, and drive more people to your website.

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Search Engine Optimization


Gaia Agency has a team of Public Relations and Content professionals to handle all you PR and marketing needs. Whether it’s finding and managing the appropriate Instagram influencer, bringing the right media to your press conference or buying campaign advertising across different media, our team has the experience and connections to get it done and show results.

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All of our clients understand the importance of maintaining awesome social platforms and harnessing the reach and power afford by them, but many just don’t have the time or resources to do it properly. That’s where our social media ninjas come into play, working diligently behind the scenes to create attractive feeds delivering messaging that hits the target dead centre.

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Social Media Management
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